Be kind. Be good. Be loving.  Be generous. 




The Perfect Heart Scholarship Fund was founded by Dena Robinson, Tonya Martin, and  Jennie Berkley in honor of our loving parents. In a world that doesn't often make sense, our parents led with "perfect" hearts.  Their lives were dedicated to the three of us and their simple, unassuming,, and spiritual approach to life taught us well.  They led with grace, love and humility. There isn't a day I don't recall my Mom telling us to "be kind" and our Dad telling us to "be good." As we try to live our lives with the same integrity, we are paying it forward to other young women. 


Why female athletes? Our parents loved our sporting activiites. They never missed a game. And, our very patient father coached our softball teams for many years. Memories and life lessons from the field are endliess.  We want to recognize the role sports can play in also  building a young women's self-esteem and confidence..  Let me play with my perfect heart.

"Perfection consists not in doing extraordinary things; but in doing ordinary things extraordinarly well." 


 A  Perfect Heart is a good place to start. 

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